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tisdag, mars 31, 2015

Advice for insomnia

Godkväll Kära Läsare! 

Idag läste jag denna artikel angående “4-7-8″ breathing trick
för att bota sömnproblem och vill gärna dela med mig av
 detta ..... det finns många människor som lider av sömnproblem
 och om du är en av dessa så önskar jag dig Lycka Till om
 du väljer att prova denna metod som beskrivs i 
detta inlägget.

Annars kan du tipsa någon som du känner om detta :) 

Du vore intressant att få feedback på denna metoden ..... så 
om du eller någon du känner provar denna så lämna gärna
 en kommentar om den var till hjälp eller inte. Det 
uppskattas verkligen! 

Resultatet blir som med allt bättre om man är öppen för att 
testa och "inte är tveksam" ..... lite som placeboeffekten.

Själv är jag tacksam för att jag aldrig har haft sömnproblem
 ..... Jag lägger huvudet på kudden och så somnar jag direkt.

Extra Extra Read all about it now ...... 

Advice for insomnia

Trouble Sleeping?

Here's how I learned to fall asleep in under 1 min 
every night:

For a long time, I had a hard time sleeping. We can chock it up 
to bad food late at night, too many screens before bed, and 
stress. I found it incredibly difficult to shut my brain down 
and give it a break at night. After weeks of not being able to
sleep a full night, a friend of mine told me about the
 “4-7-8″ breathing trick.

But what is that?

This method was developed by a wellness practitioner, Harvard
educated Dr. Andrew Weil, who studies meditation, breathing, 
and how it can be used to counteract stress. It’s easy to do. 
You breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold it for 
seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. 
She explained to me that it slows down your heart rate and it also
releases chemicals in our brains that soothe you.
Pretty neat, huh? I was skeptical, but I tried it. It ended up 
working like a total charm. I was out before I reached my fourth
repetition and it tends to knock me out easily in less than a minute.
This is good for more than just falling asleep though. When we’re
stressed, our endocrine system releases adrenaline through our
adrenal glands. This elevates your heart rate and can make you
feel jittery and unwell. Often times, your breathing also becomes
rapid and shallow.
By using this breathing method, you counteract the natural effects
of adrenaline and your body is forced to slow down your heart rate.
It simply doesn’t have a choice! When you begin, you may feel a 
tad uncomfortable.
But as you continue with it, you really do feel your heart rate slow
and your mind clear. It’s almost like you’re spending a leisurely 
afternoon at a beach. So relaxing. Give it a try tonight and tell us
what you think! You can also heck out Dr. Weil’s site if you are
interested in further reading.

                             Extra Extra Read all about it now ....... ;)


      Nighty Nighty and sleep well when it's time

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