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fredag, februari 05, 2016

♥ ♥ Dogs & Flower Power ♥ ♥

Pit Bull Flower Power by Sophie Gamand.

Through her lens, the stereotypes about pitbulls fall 
away and we see the dogs for what they are - 
Wanting nothing more or less than your Love.

                        Gamand started the project about a year ago 
                     while she was volunteering as a photographer at 
                      an animal shelter and often dealt with pit bulls.

                                       Well Done Sophie Gamand!


Sophie Gamand says: " This project was a way to get to 
know them better. The first time I tried a flowercrown 
around a pitbull's head, at a local shelter, I thought for 
sure I would get bit or something terrible would happen. 
But she just sat there, looking at me with deep 
soulful eyes. There was so much depth and wisdom 
in her face "

" I knew the series had found a meaning that went 
beyond what I had anticipated "

Her goal is to challenge the way we look at pit bulls. 
As she says: " I am curious to see the power of art, 
how it can influence the way we deal with the world 
around us. If those pictures were the only image we
 had of pit bulls, would we still be afraid" ? 


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  1. Love this Song... Thank you for remembering this time, when I was younger :)