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söndag, december 29, 2013

♥ Amazing Angel in the clouds ♥

♥ We are never so lost that ANGELS can´t find us ♥
♥ When you feel like you´re  drowning in Life,
don´t worry your Life Guard or Guardian Angels
walks on water ♥

Those who don´t believe in Magic will never find it ......

Here is a Beautiful YouTube clip and Music of the Angel
in the cloud I want to show You ..... but the text in the end
 of the clip maybee its a bit too religious/to much ;)
but I Think it´s still a very Beautiful and Interesting clip
and I dont know who to remove those Words .....
If I could I would ;)
Hope You will enjoy it too ;)

And one can change the Word Fill me up ......
with some more suitable Words if so ....

Believe in this or not ?! ;)   Anyhow I Think its very Beautiful ;) ♥
and It makes at least my heart smile ♥


Wish You a Lovely Sunday ..... the last one this year :)
Hugs to you all out there

The Angel in the clouds was on the news too ;)

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