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lördag, oktober 15, 2016

Our Brains are like ("Human") Computers & Pionfrossa

All our life experiences are stored in our brains. 
Memories is what they're called. And memories,
 especially memories of big things like the "love
 of your life" and losing that love have lots of 

Their face, smells, scenes, conversations, 
passion, dreams, laughs, tears, hurtful words, 
physical connections, "your song", thousands of 
sensations and emotions that make up the

Our computers, I mean our brains, store those
 memories and just lika a computer, can bring 
those files, I mean memories back up on 
the screen, I mean in our consciousness.

The memories (files) are all there.

Now our applications (habits) are how we handle

 those memories (files).

If you bought a brand new computer and 
took your old one and put it on a shelf for
 eight years, everything stays intact. So if 
you fired it up eight years later, everything
 would still be exactly where it was
 eight years before.

Same folders, same colors, same fonts, 

same everything.

Our brains are the similar. Our memories
 have a physical address. The memory of 
your first kiss is still in the same place it 
was the day it was first imprinted on 
your brain.

Unlike computers, we can't delete bad 


We can only change how we perceive them 
and what they mean to us.

So since we can't actually delete bad 
memories (files), or erase bad habits 
(programs) from your brain, the best and 
most effective way to get yourself
 over them is to override them with new
 "files" and "programs" To change what the
 bad memories mean.

Since the old events will always be there, 
the best you can do is to make them mean 
something else. Or shrink them. 
Change their color. Make them look 
and feel less "real".

That it what "releasing" and "clearing" 

statement do.

And remember repetition. 

Repetition is the key. Relasing statements 
actually have the "problem" built in.

"I have let go of all (state the thing
 you've let go of)"

"I have risen above (state some tragedy/bad habit)"

"I have replaced (state problem 
behavior/emotion) with (empowering/success
 producing behavior/emotion)"

"Whenever (negative thing) happens, 
I think/act in some positive way)" 

Ooooh can this get your mind going ...... ;)

For example bad habits and fears usually 
have a positive intent. Fear for example grabs 
you typically when there is a real or perceived
 risk of loss or danger.

And the brain doesn't want to get rid of the
 fear, even if it's irrational fear, because it 
thinks that it is protecting you from real
 danger. See?

So when you try to let go of the unnecessary
 fear, there can be rebellion by your mind. 

Getting rid of a particular fear that you have, 
your mind may reason, will make you do 
stupid, careless, reckless things.

And we can't have that now ......

This is what makes changing how we 
think and act so hard.

This is the dynamic that makes most all 
self-help/how-to info totally useless ...... 
not because it isn't good advice, but because
 there is now way in the world you will ever 
follow through on most or any of it.

You just gotta alter the files and programs in 
your computer, I mean your brain, so they don't
 read the same way any more.

If you don't?

Your computer, I mean your brain, 
won't run right.

Avslutar med en favorit: Den kvinnliga 
och den manliga hjärnan. Hmmm ja det är
inte så konstigt att det uppstår konflikter och 
att vi inte alltid förstår varandra ;)

I'm joining:


Ha det Gott!  Kram

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